Primo Beginnings


Pedro and Ana started their first gas station in Texas in 1963. In 1968 they moved to California where Pedro managed a Big O Tires. He was the alignment specialist and people called him, “El Tajano”. 

 In 1970 he opened a Douglas gas station and a Texaco gas station. Pedro had 2 Texaco’s; one on Niles and the other on California and Baker Street. Pedro and Ana had so many customers for their little Texaco that in 1972 they moved across the street and established El Primo Auto Center.

That’s when everyone started to call Pedro, “Primo”. Pedro had his Smog inspection license and his Brake and Lamp inspection license.


When Pedro (Pete or Primo) and Ana Espericueta moved to California, they had 2 kids, Norma and Jaime. In 1968 they had another daughter, Ana Jr. 

Pete loved helping people if someone did not have money to pay for their vehicle to be fixed he would give them credit. But most of all, Pete loved his family.

 In 1983 Pete had to go on permanent disability.  Thats when his son took over right out of high school.


Jaime is now the second-generation owner/operator. Jaime, “Primo”, also has his Smog, Brake and Lamp Inspection license. Even though El Primo can do many repairs other than inspections, the Smog, Brake and Lamp inspection is what they are known for.

In 1988 two things happened to the business.  A car dealership was open and is still open to this day under California Auto Sales.  The other is that Jaime got married. He married Lyn Muriel and shortly after they were married, Lyn joined the family business. 

Jaime and Lyn have 2 children, Marissa and Marcos. Marissa is a school teacher and Marcos decided to join the family business as the 3rd generation owner/operator.


Pictured: Marcos, Ana, Jaime

In 2019 it became El Primo Auto Center’s 47th year of business. 

Jaime, Lyn, and Marcos look forward to serving you!